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26 January 1982
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Hi, I live in Hungary (Europa). This is my last year at the university. I study economic but I have to work in the same time too. My family has a small hotel so I work on the reception and help in the restaurant too. I started to like the j-culture 2 years ago. At first I watched many animes and read mangas and last fall moved to doramad. My first drama was Hana yori dango Kimi wa petto and than Gokusen 1-2, Nobuta wo produce, Anego and so on. I thought some anime songs are very good and started to collect them. But after I watched these dramas I became a fan of Arashi, Kat-tun, News, Kanjani 8, Toki, etc. Lately I don't have any time to follow all of their activitys but I try.
I like some american tv shows too (CSI, Dr.House, Supernatural) and if I don't need to study for an exam I usually read something. My favorite writer is Laurell K. Hamilton (Anita Blake-Vampirehunter, Merry Gentry).
I don't have an LJ page.